The 2016 presidential candidates

I suppose that by now everyone has heard about them, our current nominees for president are Donald Trump, the racist, sexist, anti-Islamic economist and Hillary Clinton, the let’s accept everything previous minister of foreign affairs. As you can see I’m not a fan of either of the candidates because for one Trump is unfit to lead, he’s too hateful towards everybody who isn’t an american but he does have a pretty good grasp on the economics of America. Hillary on the other hand is nicer to the total population of the world and she has great plans for everything from getting students out of debt to making the 1% of America pay more but let’s be reasonable this won’t work, they’re great ideals but there’s a reason why there still is a 1%. So I find neither of them quite fit to be president, I actually wished that one way or another Barack Obama ended up going for another term or Michelle Obama, that way America would still have it’s first female president while also actually having a strong president. Make it happen America!


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