Expressing yourself

Expressing yourself can be quite the hard thing to do especially since other people might not always understand you. That’s why more often than not, we just smile and pretend like nothing’s wrong or we act how others want us to act. We hold up a mask for ourselves and lose sight of who we actually are, trying to fit in with a faceless ‘happy’ crowd. Believe me, we’re all doing it, myself included. That’s why I instantly took a liking to this video. It presents a boy who’s different from everybody else, he laughs when he’s sad and cries when he’s happy but the world doesn’t accept him, rather they find him weird, because he’s not like them. It gets so far that he doesn’t even accept himself anymore because he wants to fit in with the rest of the world. The video ends on a positive note though but I won’t spoil it! Hope you enjoy and think about this a little.

In the end we’re all different so let’s challenge ourselves to have some patience with people who look different from our standards rather than label them weird.


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