Movie time: What if

I hadn’t watched a lot of movies lately but when I saw this one, I knew I had to watch it, I mean it has Daniel Radcliffe (Who played Harry Potter) and Adam Driver (who played Kylo Ren) in the same movie. This was basically the only thing that caught my attention as the plot of the movie seemed kind of mediocre at best. Actually seeing the movie made me appreciate it more though. It’s not Oscar material but it’s a pretty decent movie to watch, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking or keeping track of things so it’s perfect for when you just want to fully relax.
The movie itself is about Wallace, who has absolutely zero luck in loven he has had a number of relationships but they all turned out for the worse but than he meets Chantry and both of them hit off pretty well even though Chantry has a boyfriend. So they end up just being friends and it goes pretty well, that is until things get a little more complicated. I’m not spoiling the rest though, I’ll just drop the trailer here so you can see for yourselves. Have fun!


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