Mes youtubeurs Français favoris

Moi j’utilise beaucoup YouTube quand je m’ennuie et je pense que vous la faites aussi (sauf si vous avez Netflix). Aujourd’hui je vous présente mes deux youtubers français favoris. Ce sont Norman, de la chaîne Norman fait des vidéos et Cyprien de la chaîne Cyprien. En bas de ce message, vous trouverez les vidéos que j’aime le plus de ces deux youtubers.

Amusez-vous bien!


The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.

Those are the famous words of Ernest Hemingway imprinted on the first page of Jennifer Niven’s book: All the bright places. This book to me is amazing in every single way, from the deep intense message it gives to just the simple style of writing. Therefore I’d like to urge you to go out and get your hands on this book, you won’t regret it, I haven’t at least. Though I’d like to give a warning as well, this book is heavy with themes such as suicide, the loss of those dear to us and feeling alone while everyone around you goes about their lives, so it is not for the faint of heart. Those who wish to brave through this cloud of more depressing themes though will find one of the most beautiful stories ever written.
If you have read the book, i’d love to know what you think of it!

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

So a while back I saw this movie and I thought of sharing it with you guys since it’s a really great one. Robin Hood: Men in Tights, is a parody of the story of Robin Hood and the movie itself is a comedy which I found to be a great way of combining having a good laugh and learning a bit about the english folklore regarding Robin Hood. I will advice though that you take everything that’s said and displayed with a bit of criticism as in the end it’s a comedy and as such doesn’t fully portray reality. (But it’s a damn good movie anyway)

L’inégalité entre les hommes et les femmes


L’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes est un thème sur lequel il y a beaucoup de débats. Notre point de vue est que les hommes et les femmes doivent être égales mais ils ne sont pas du tout égales en ce moment. En effet, il y a une grande fossé entre les deux sexes on ne sait pas exactement pourquoi cette fossé existe aujourd’hui mais on a des idées.

On pense que c’est à cause des stéréotypes masculins et féminins, on ne voit pas une femme dans l’armée parce que c’est stéréotypique qu’un homme devait être militaire. C’est pourquoi beaucoup de femmes ne font pas un ‘métier masculin’, de crainte d’être anormale. La société essaye de nous faire croire que nous sommes égales en vue d’éviter les conflit car personne n’est heureux quand il y a un conflit. À cause de ça on met la femme dans une position où elle n’a pas beaucoup d’options. De plus, on voit donc que les gens ne s’intéressent plus au problème et c’est un peu triste parce que personne ne fait quelque chose.

Finalement notre conclusion est que les hommes et les femmes ne sont pas égales pour la simple raison que notre culture ne l’accepte pas.

What if Donald Trump…

These elections altough they were full of headaches, frustrations, racism, sexism, scandals and more have also brought a lot of great comedy with them, especially on the part of Donald Trump, the least favorite presidential candidate so if not for his promises lets be thankful that his participation in the elections brought about a comedy goldmine. This video is one of many humouristc videos made about Donald Trump but personally is my favorite.
Hope you all enjoy it!

The incredibly complex system of the presidential elections

f060a1cd5da1010f351ddc63542f9262The American election system never ceases to amaze me especially since I’ve never actually gotten to the point where I could say ‘I completely understand how the American presidential elections work’ because I don’t. This cartoon pretty much sums up what the system of American presidential elections looks like to me, a guy who doesn’t live in America. It all looks a bit complex to me, like this maze, you could easily get lost in it and never make it to the White House. I do suppose Americans have a good reason to uphold this system and I won’t argue with them since we only have to choose a leader for our country while they have to do so for a whole continent.

Which presidential candidate is in the lead?

pollAs you can see on this print screen which I took from:
Hillary Clinton is currently in the lead with a pretty small though not insignificant 3.1% of the voters! With the elections only being 5 days away Hillary has a pretty high chance of winning though (and I sincerely hope this does not come to pass) we could be in for a nasty surprise as Donald Trump isn’t all that far behind. If you want to follow the polls check out the above site as it provides the latest updates on the election polls.

Is Donald Trump really that special?

landscape-1477339053-adam-ruins-everythingThis video talks about something I recently pondered about as well, ‘is Donald Trump really that unique’? Of course we were shocked learning that one of the presidential candidates is such a foul mouthed man who directly attacks his opponents and doesn’t mind saying what’s on his mind and acting like he’s superior, but was he really the first? No he was not, the video below is an excerpt from the show ‘Adam ruins everything’ and will surely shed some light on why Donald Trump isn’t at all unique.

The 2016 presidential candidates

I suppose that by now everyone has heard about them, our current nominees for president are Donald Trump, the racist, sexist, anti-Islamic economist and Hillary Clinton, the let’s accept everything previous minister of foreign affairs. As you can see I’m not a fan of either of the candidates because for one Trump is unfit to lead, he’s too hateful towards everybody who isn’t an american but he does have a pretty good grasp on the economics of America. Hillary on the other hand is nicer to the total population of the world and she has great plans for everything from getting students out of debt to making the 1% of America pay more but let’s be reasonable this won’t work, they’re great ideals but there’s a reason why there still is a 1%. So I find neither of them quite fit to be president, I actually wished that one way or another Barack Obama ended up going for another term or Michelle Obama, that way America would still have it’s first female president while also actually having a strong president. Make it happen America!