Expressing yourself

Expressing yourself can be quite the hard thing to do especially since other people might not always understand you. That’s why more often than not, we just smile and pretend like nothing’s wrong or we act how others want us to act. We hold up a mask for ourselves and lose sight of who we actually are, trying to fit in with a faceless ‘happy’ crowd. Believe me, we’re all doing it, myself included. That’s why I instantly took a liking to this video. It presents a boy who’s different from everybody else, he laughs when he’s sad and cries when he’s happy but the world doesn’t accept him, rather they find him weird, because he’s not like them. It gets so far that he doesn’t even accept himself anymore because he wants to fit in with the rest of the world. The video ends on a positive note though but I won’t spoil it! Hope you enjoy and think about this a little.

In the end we’re all different so let’s challenge ourselves to have some patience with people who look different from our standards rather than label them weird.


Movie time: What if

I hadn’t watched a lot of movies lately but when I saw this one, I knew I had to watch it, I mean it has Daniel Radcliffe (Who played Harry Potter) and Adam Driver (who played Kylo Ren) in the same movie. This was basically the only thing that caught my attention as the plot of the movie seemed kind of mediocre at best. Actually seeing the movie made me appreciate it more though. It’s not Oscar material but it’s a pretty decent movie to watch, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking or keeping track of things so it’s perfect for when you just want to fully relax.
The movie itself is about Wallace, who has absolutely zero luck in loven he has had a number of relationships but they all turned out for the worse but than he meets Chantry and both of them hit off pretty well even though Chantry has a boyfriend. So they end up just being friends and it goes pretty well, that is until things get a little more complicated. I’m not spoiling the rest though, I’ll just drop the trailer here so you can see for yourselves. Have fun!

Doing science in the backyard

For a while now I’ve been watching a youtube channel called TheBackyardScientist so I thought, I’d talk about it a little bit. On this channel you’ll primarily see experiments that are done in the Backyard Scientist’s backyard (which should be obvious). The reason I’m a fan of this guys work is because he tackles more unconventional and exciting experiments while also explaining the science behind it as simple as possible. That and the fact that he crushes/explodes/burns a lot of things which got me quite fascinated, and he has a pretty decent sense of comedy so that helps.

To give you a little idea of just how crazy these experiments get, here’s a video. Enjoy!

Scott Pilgrim

Hello people!
Today I’d like tot tell you a little bit about Scott Pilgrim. Some of you may know the character from the movie ‘Scott Pilgrim VS The World’ but I myself know him from the graphic stories.
Scott Pilgrim is the head character of six graphic novels, which where created by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The story is about Scott Pilgrim, a 23-year-old Canadian who’s not exactly doing great. He doesn’t go to college, has no job and has zero future prospects. Scot’s life seems to be pretty boring but that is until he meets Ramona Flowers, a girl with quite a past. Scott immediately takes a liking to her but thing’s don’t go that easy, in order for him to date her, he will have to face her seven evil exes who aren’t too keen on letting someone date Ramona. Oh and they are basically superhumans, just a minor detail though.
The novels themselves are extremely well written and filled with a lot of great jokes, some interesting characters, a good storyline and even some recognisable moments inbetween all the crazy events.
You should definetly read them if you have the time.
You can read them for free over at this site so don’t hesitate:

Tout va bien se passer…

Mon intent était de consacré le post que vous êtes en train de lire sûr un livre et le devoir que j’ai fait. Mais je suis incapable de retrouver ce devoir parce que comme par magie c’est disparu de mon account Sutori. Et ci vous êtes un peu comme moi vous vous sentez un peu mal a l’aise quand ca passe parce que naturellement vous avez besoin de ce devoir mais vous n’aviez pas de maniere pour le retrouver… C’est a ces moments que je rappele les mots de ma mere. ‘Ken est-ce que le monde est-il périé?’ ‘Si non, tout va bien se passer, et si tous n’est pas bien, tu n’est pas au fin de ton journée.’ C’est un message que j’aimeriez vous tous donnez aujourd’hui. N’importe que passe dans votre vie, si tout n’est pas bien, vous n’avez pas fini votre journée, donc avoir courage!

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.

Those are the famous words of Ernest Hemingway imprinted on the first page of Jennifer Niven’s book: All the bright places. This book to me is amazing in every single way, from the deep intense message it gives to just the simple style of writing. Therefore I’d like to urge you to go out and get your hands on this book, you won’t regret it, I haven’t at least. Though I’d like to give a warning as well, this book is heavy with themes such as suicide, the loss of those dear to us and feeling alone while everyone around you goes about their lives, so it is not for the faint of heart. Those who wish to brave through this cloud of more depressing themes though will find one of the most beautiful stories ever written.
If you have read the book, i’d love to know what you think of it!

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

So a while back I saw this movie and I thought of sharing it with you guys since it’s a really great one. Robin Hood: Men in Tights, is a parody of the story of Robin Hood and the movie itself is a comedy which I found to be a great way of combining having a good laugh and learning a bit about the english folklore regarding Robin Hood. I will advice though that you take everything that’s said and displayed with a bit of criticism as in the end it’s a comedy and as such doesn’t fully portray reality. (But it’s a damn good movie anyway)